Reflections of a hunter-gatherer as she makes art out of the stuff of her life

Dear friends, readers, artists, recyclers, environmentalists, nature lovers—whoever you are—here is the big news:

With the help of RCWMS here in Durham NC we are making my blog “The Last Straw: a continued quest for life without disposable plastic” into a book. Yes, I continue to live a life with as little single–use plastic as possible, which you can read about in detail in my book when it is published!

Stay tuned for news on that front.

Meanwhile I am staring a new blog entitled “View From the Crow’s Nest: reflections of a hunter-gatherer as I make art out of the stuff of my life.” I hope to write about what amazes and inspires me as well as what puzzles and frustrates me. How life, everyday, all the time is a process of weaving ourselves together. I am an urban hunter and gatherer always picking up or collecting stuff both man-made and natural. I make work about this stuff, with this stuff and because of this stuff as well. Why is this blog called the View from the Crow’s Nest? Stay tuned for this story and much more.