Reflections of a hunter-gatherer as she makes art out of the stuff of her life

Underneath the Southern Cross

"it is better to travel than to arrive."  The Buddaha I Came to Australia for the first time about a month ago. The trip from North Carolina took over 30 hours, spawned one continent and two oceans while crossing the Tropic of Cancer, the equator and the Tropic of...

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An Open Door

  "...Connections slowly emerge.  Like distant landmarks you are approaching, cause and effect begin to align themselves, draw closer together.  Experiences too indefinite to be recognized for themselves connect and are identified as a larger shape.  And suddenly...

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My New Blog

Dear friends, readers, artists, recyclers, environmentalists, nature lovers—whoever you are—here is the big news: With the help of RCWMS here in Durham NC we are making my blog “The Last Straw: a continued quest for life without disposable plastic” into a book. Yes, I...

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