STREAMING: New Art Out of Old Bottles September 27, 2012

STREAMING. A view of the mountains of bottles, the bamboo plastic forest and forest floor. PHOTO--Robert Vance

STREAMING: NEW ART OUT OF OLD BOTTLES opened at the Gregg Museum of Art And Design at North Carolina State University  in Raleigh, NC–September 27, 2012.  This show will be up until Mid December 2012.

Below is the statement I wrote for the show:

Most plastic is used only once yet lasts forever.  In the past 60 years we have used single-use plastic with abandon.

students working to rebuild the mountain of plastic bottles after the avalanche

It is an integral part of our everyday lives.  Try living with a day or a week or a year without it.

For the past decade my work have been looking at what we throw away here in the United States.  Americans create more garbage per capita than any other country.  This was true 20 years ago and it is true now.  Why is this?  The answers are complex and I believe that awareness is the first step in taking care of the world around us.

STREAMING: New Art Out of Old Bottles was made by me in collaboration with over 150 students from NC State’s Arts Village, University Scholars, and College of Natural Resources, museum staff and members of the greater community.  All who came brought plastic bottles to the project.  The students of Appalachian State University cleaned and de-labeled over 4,000 of the bottles you see here for a previous installation.  This work is about community, process, reuse and looking forward.

It contains:

one of the many student volunteers helping to make the waterfall out of cascades of plastic bottles cut into spirals

1)  A waterfall of plastic bottles flowing into a river of bottle caps and marine detritus.

2)  A bamboo forest or green soda bottles and used chopsticks standing in a ground of caps, lids corks, and marine detritus.

3)  A mountain range of over 3,000 PETE plastic bottles.

4)  A thundercloud of lids and straws.

5)  Two red wolves made out of plastic bags, scarps of fabric and string wrapped over metal armatures.

Head installer Matthew wrangling the "cloud" of plastic straws and lids into position

This exhibition contains over 50,00 bottle caps and close to 5,000 plastic bottles.

All materials in this exhibition have had a previous life.

This work was a community endeavor made possible by the hard work of many volunteers.

Heartfelt thanks to you all.

Bryant Holsenbeck

September 27, 2012

students at work in the "bamboo forest" working with caps and lids making the "ground"

“Is it art if someone says it is?  What makes us value an object as a work of art?  Is it physical appearance alone?  Its aesthetic effect?  Is it rarity?  If diamonds were as plentiful as sand what would we make of them”  John Foster

Don’t miss the two other  shows at the Gregg Museum, as they are amazing in very powerful and different ways.

They are:

Art Without Artists co-curated by John Foster and Roger Manley

SPIRIT – FIRE – SHAKE ! Showing the work of Renee StoutOdinga Tyehimba and Kevin Sampson and curated by Roger Manley

Diamonds or sand, bottle caps and spirits.  Altars, power objects and a lost and found bulletin board of great beauty.  Each time I look I find more to see.

The Gregg Museum of Art and Design–September 27-December 16, 2012

Enter Below.

Night view of the "mountain" of bottles from the window on the Gregg Museum on the second floor of NC State's Student Center



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