Plastic on the beach and chocolate chips January 12, 2010

Plastic bits and pieces washed ashore at Nags Head--collected by Bryant

January 12, 2010

I am 12 days into this reluctant new year without disposable plastic.  I continue to be reluctant, but am still determined.  As I go about my world, small things which are wrapped in plastic that I enjoy keep coming to mind.  Stuff I am going to do with out this year include:

Most domestically made candy–it is all wrapped in that silver plastic stuff

Breakfast or power bars--forget it–they are covered with the same kind of mylar stuff that candy bars are.

All this means I will be eating healthier snacks, and or much more expensive mostly imported chocolate.  Well, this is  certainly an an adjustment I can make.

(I will just try and NEVER think about Reeses’s Peanut butter Cups.)

Then there are the little triumphs–I finally found raisins in bulk at Whole Foods–and they were even on sale!

Today, when I was swimming, chocolate chips came to mind.  I love to bake, but this will not be the year for chocolate chip cookies, unless I can find them in bulk as well.

I am thinking all of this plastic around things is about keeping stuff fresh as long as absolutely possible–shelf life.  So why am I bothering?  I walk by the bags of plastic which you see pictured at the top of this page whenever I enter my home.  These were gathered in 2 easy walks along the NC Coast–maybe an hour total walking).  All of these bits and pieces of plastic were there washing in and out with the tide.  Broken bits, and none of it food for any of us ever.

My friend Rebecca Currie suggests reading a book she has about how they did stuff in “olden times.”  I am not ready to go there yet, as my refrigerator is my friend, but she has a point.

So this weekend, I am making my own granola out of bulk ingredients I am collecting.  It seems cardboard food boxes have plastic type bags inside.  The bags kind of look like wax paper, but I don’t think so…Any body who wants to tell me different–I would love to hear….

FYI The photo below was taken just before the new year by my friend Cici Stevens on her cell phone.  It is me on the beach with my arms full of plastic.

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Jeannette January 13th, 2010

Thanks for sharing this journey.. I’m already hooked and curious to see where this leads your art.

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