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Reconnaissance January 29, 2010 11 Comments

Reconnaissance This week I have been traveling to Raleigh early each morning to work at Raleigh Charter High School.  On the way home, I have stopped at stores to look for food without plastic around it.  ALDI’S where stuff is cheap and you have to pay 25 cents to use a shopping cart was a […]

Plastic Islands–Our Oceans are Us January 23, 2010 No Comments

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. “ Margaret Mead “This picture is a close up small of plastic suspended in the ocean” See NYT article listed in the permalink for more images and information January 23, 2010 Saturday–ah In a short while I […]

My Cousin Mounty’s Granola January 18, 2010 4 Comments

During this last week of artists residencies and general getting back into the busy swing of a working life, I managed to collect most of the ingredients for the granola recipe posted below.  This is my cousin Monty’s recipe, and when she gave it to me 4 or so years ago at Christmas, pasted on […]

HAITI January 17, 2010 No Comments

HATI More very soon on my up and down week trying to dodge disposable plastic–which in my bad moments, I feel is covering the earth. Over everything, all week I have been listening to the news of Haiti. For such a vulnerable country to be hit with a disaster of such magnitude is a hard […]

Plastic on the beach and chocolate chips January 12, 2010 1 Comment

January 12, 2010 I am 12 days into this reluctant new year without disposable plastic.  I continue to be reluctant, but am still determined.  As I go about my world, small things which are wrapped in plastic that I enjoy keep coming to mind.  Stuff I am going to do with out this year include: […]

PLASTIC I LOVE January 6, 2010 5 Comments

“The beginning of all human undertakings are untidy.”  John Galsworthy PLASTIC I LOVE: My hot water bottle My laptop computer My cell phone and digital camera All the synthetic parts of my running shoes My contact lenses, reading glasses and sunglasses My baking spatula that gets all the batter out of the bowl ALL OF […]

How long Does litter last? January 2, 2010 3 Comments

HOW LONG DOES LITTER LAST? Decomposition time for common items: Aluminum:                                    80-100 years Cigarette butts:                        1-5 years Glass bottles:                                    1,000,000 years Leather:                                    50 years Milk Cartons:                                    5 years Orange & banana peels:            6 months Paper:                                                10-20 years Styrofoam:                                    never Wool socks:            […]

In the beginning….. January 1, 2010 4 Comments

Welcome to:  THE LAST STRAW: A reluctant year without disposable plastic.  My name is Bryant.  I am an environmental artist.  This is a big experiment–one day at a time I am going to try and use as little plastic as possible. I do not expect the impossible of myself–but I am curious as to what […]